Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Feature / Enhancement / Bug Tracker Launched

As I get closer to the release of version 1.0.2.x of the Serenity Carb Counter for Android, I decided to launch an Issue Tracking System. This will allow the users to see how much progress I have made and what is left to be done. You can see the remaining issues here.

Please submit feature requests and bug reports using the Contact Us page.

I decided to use BugNET which is an open source issue tracking system. I chose it because it is implemented using ASP.NET which means it co-exists with the rest of the Celerity Software website. It took some tweaking of the web.config file to get it working on my shared host Server 2008 R2 / .NET 4. I also had to manually insert some string resources, but now that it is up I love it. I wish my shared host would allow outgoing HTTP requests so that I could allow users to log in using OpenID.

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