Saturday, August 6, 2011

Would you want online backup?

I currently utilizes Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform for the back end of the Serenity Carb Counter. I am very satisified with their cloud solution. I was thinking about adding online backup to the Serenity Carb Counter. When a user buys a new phone, they want access to their history and their favorites. I have a couple of questions for the users:
  1. Would you be OK with me storing a copy of your local database in the cloud? It would only be accessible by you. I would perform the uploads over a secured socket layer for additional security.
  2. Would you be willing to pay an additional $1 for this feature as an "in-app" purchase? Cloud hosting fees are not cheap, since it is very reliable. Storage also costs extra.
This feature would also allow me to build tools for users that change platform. If you had an Android phone and bought a Windows Phone, I could probably handle the conversion in the cloud.

Thanks everyone,



  1. Online storage and back up sounds like a great idea, I have the app on tablet and phone and it would be nice to sync both.

  2. I'm thinking about allowing users to sync to the cloud using the following OAuth providers: Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook. My only concern is whether or not the user understands that I'm simply using their common identity provider chosen by them to authenticate with their copy of their database stored in the cloud.

    For example, if you use your Google Account for backup / sync, you would see your Google Account login screen when authenticating; however, I don't actually have access to any of your services associated with your Google Account. I simply use it for the purpose of authentication.

    I'm wondering if that would be the best way to go, so you can sync between your tablet / phone, or if using OAuth (open authentication) would cause unnecessary privacy concerns. In that case, I would just have to have the user establish a username and password for syncing.

    Not sure which approach to take.